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what influences teens today April 21, 2008

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Although society views everyone as individuals, we are all influenced by the celebrity culture in the media because it shapes us our views, beliefs and morals in life. This idea includes celebrity influence, parental influence, and the impact of nonprofit organizations. Celebrities influence the attitudes and behaviors of many people, especially teenagers and young adults. This is shown when teens today portray their body image to mimic the media’s idea of the ideal size. Some teens go as far as developing an eating disorder in order to look like celebrities. Who teens look up to as a role model can determine what kind of person they become, including their appearance, attitude and goals in life. Celebrities are not the only people who act as a role model for teens. Parents and friends also play an important role in one’s life and journey to success. Acquiring community and interpersonal relationships instead of only possessing pure individualism helps people, such as celebrities, stay grounded. People need a positive support system to back them up and to succeed, instead of succumbing to the peer pressure in the media. Some people lose sight of what a good role model is because they get too worried about their self image relating to that of the celebrity culture. Teens need to look up to those celebrities who do charity work and are involved in nonprofit organizations. Many celebrities take part in doing charitable work whether it is from donating millions to a specific research to actually partaking in nonprofit organizational events. The positive feedback from the charities keeps celebrities motivated to participate in helping numerous organizations. Who teens are influenced by can determine who they become in the future. On the journey of growing up, people are not alone and have others beside them influencing, guiding and showing them there is someone beyond one’s self.


This image represents how people acts as influences, but it is ultimately up to you whether or not they impact your thinking or not.


Since teens today are greatly influenced by the environment around them, we feel they need a positive guidance to know what beliefs and acts to follow and which ones not to. We have added a few links to examples of positive role models such as Oprah and the show Extreme Makeover because they are people in the media helping others succeed and live a better life. We also included an example of a positive commercial that is out there representing anti-drugs and living above the influence and peer pressures. If teens today are aware of these positive alternatives and ways of living, we think they will succeed and have better role models in their own life.






What works influenced us April 14, 2008

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Barkley, Charles. “Should Celebrity Athletes/Entertainers Be Role Models?.” Ebony 63.2 (Dec. 2007): 164-165.

This article influenced us because it has a celebrity athlete, Charles Barkley, saying why he should not be considered a role model for children. He expresses his opinion that parents should be children’s role models, not famous people. Jackie Joyner-Kersee argues that celebrities will act on as an influence on kids and teens no matter what. This source represents two different ways of thinking about influential factors on teens. Both sides have valuable points and bring good ideas to the topic of debate.


“Stupid Girls” by Pink

This song inspired our entire project. This song represents many factors that influence teens today. Pink captures the attitudes of many celebrity figures in her music video. The video shows how teens desire to be like these celebrities and how their “stupid” actions influence teens’ actions.


Teens Health-Body Image and Self-Esteem


This source influeced our thinking by explaining all the factors that influence teens. From healthy living to living with parents are two examples of influentail factors. This website has several helpful ideas and tips targeted at teens to live a healthly, good life.


Media’s Influence on young kids to teens and young adults


This is a video on some celebrities who are role models for teens, who we think should not be because they do not show positive beliefs and ways. This idea influenced our page and our ideas because we want teens to be aware that some celebrities are not perfect and should not be followed.